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Firenze .. Florence .. Fiorentina

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Those three names are not enough to mention the beauty of this city. It is not surprising that this city becomes one of UNESCO heritage and has its own name as the Athens of Middle age. Many famous and well-kown people came from this city and probably spent their life here, such as: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the genius Galileo Galilei. For the last person, the city made a special museum of his inventions which mostly made from wood. There are many beautiful and magnificent buidings located in this city. The main is the Duono (catedral) di Firenze. Very big until you can get all of the parts of the church in your one sheet photo paper.


I am prety sure that, if you are able to visit this city, one day is not enough. There are many places that you have to visit devided into three major parts: center of the town, river side, and hill side. In the center, there will be full of churches with big dome and one tall tower (as the charcteristic of chuches in Firenze), big old gate in piazza della Repubblica, and the Goverment building. Those can be reached easily as the places are close each other. In the river site, you will find one famous place: ponte di vecchio(vecchio bridge) that sell expensive jewelry and gold.


The city of Florence or citta' di Firenze, can be reached from Pisa only 1.5 hours by regional train. So, enjoy the viola of Florence ..

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City of Pisa

Citta' di Pisa

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City of Pisa is located in the Tuscany region where famous of having many UNESCO heritage places. One of them is absolutly the leaning tower of Pisa. The city is actually not so big, it is a small city surround by stone wall. There is Anno river, crossing in the middle of the city. Instead of the duomo square where the tower is there, there are many churches and old builing spread inside the city.


The city of Pisa is close to Firenze, another famous tourism city in Italy. It is only 1.5 hours by regular train. As it is very near, I spend the day in these two cities. You can 'surf' the city in very quick time, can be less than 3 hours with one hour rest in the duomo square. When you arrive at the city station, Pisa centrale station, you can see a guide line how to have a quick of visiting all historical places inside the city. There are two ways, as the first also the main is heading directly to the Duomo square. From the station to the Duomo square, you will pass many churches and piazza that you can probably stop for a while to take some picture. The second route is to have a look other areas where also many ancient builiding are there, such as citadella, churches, piazza. The map is not free of charge here, you have to pay around 1 euro.


During night time, don't forget to have a look at piazza Garibaldi. Usually, there are some street music performance there. As many people concentrated to the Duomo square, you will find many silent parts in the city and having a rest for a while, enjoy the silent of Pisa and probably with an ice cream as you companion ..

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Leaning tower Pisa

Torre pendente di Pisa

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.. people said that this is one of the most famous tower in the world. Located in the city of Pisa, around 6 hour by regular train from Torino city. Pisa is actually a small city, bordered by ancient wall. It is very beautiful city with a river crossing the center of the city. The tower itself is located in the 'back' part, so, when you use train, you need to walk around 10 minutes, crossing the river and go to the 'Piazza dei mirracolli'. As this city is small, not many people there but during the vacation, it will be full of tourists.


In the complex of the tower, there are four mains buiding. The first is the tower, second is duomo or the church, third is baptisary, and the last cementary. These buildings are very beautiful with art-style ornament. Unfortunately, to enter those all building, you need to buy the ticket which is not free. It said that the tower is under repairement until 2009 but still people can enter and go up till the top of the tower. THe area is open 24 hours, as last time when I came here, I spent my time at night, to sit in front of the duomo. I though it will be silent and less people, but, it was wrong. Many people still there and at night, it will be very romantic especially for couple. ^^


As usual, if you come here, don't forget to me a 'pose'. Do it as you wish ..

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San Rafaelle hill

Right place to see Torino at night

all seasons in one day

When you go outsite from Torino following the street direct to Milan, you will pass the city of Chivasso. There are many hilly sites in the left side or right side of the street which connects Torino and Chivasso. The name is also funny, from Torino, it will be started with via Torino and after passing the Gassino Torino, the street name changes into strada chivasso. In a certain point, it changes again into via Torino then changes again into via chivasso. Anyway, we will not discuss about the changing name of this street.


On Thursday August 2, 2007, I visited a place on the hill of San Rafaelle. From that place, you can see Torino city from far away. As the place is located in hilly area, the paronama view is really beautiful especially in the morning. You can just enjoy, have a sit with a cup of coffee and look at the valey and far Torino city. I ma not sure about the bus that able to reach this place from Torino. But to reach the top of the mountain, I am prety sure, you have to bring your car or by walking is also oke.

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Citta' di Moncalieri

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Moncalieri city is only 9 km from Torino. You can reach this city using bus number 63 or 39 and stop at the Baden-baden. Baden-baden is not originated from Italian language. It is a name of city in German which becomes the 'twin city' with Moncalieri. When you stop in Baden baden, you will see a big castle, built in 12th centry. That is the landmark of Mocalieri city. This castle is located in the top of small hill and the city is spreading surround it.


Near the the castle, around only 200 meter you will see the downtown of Moncalieri. It consists a large space (like a big yard) and surround by 2 chuches, Santa Maria della Scala with old gothic style and San Francesco. As this city is quite small, you can finish to 'browse' all parts of the city less than one hour. It is also nice to have a cup of coffe in the downtown to feel the evening weather of this city.

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