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Train ticket system in Italy

all seasons in one day

Train in Italy is very cheap compared to other trains in other Europe countries. It is not surprising that train is usually used for the travel or trip. In Italy, almost every city has something special to see which will be a big mistake not to visit it.


Using a single ticket, actually you will be able to visit many cities. For example, last time, I went to Bologna from Torino. During the way, I passed the city of Parma and Piacenza. I bought the ticket, direct standard 2nd class ticket, from Torino to Bologna that price was 16.10 euro (at that time). In the ticket, it was written 'vale 24h da convalida' means that it is valid 24 hour since we validate this ticket in the stamp machine (yellow box machine that will print the date of validation). So, during my trip, I droped in Parma, and going around for few hours and back to station continuing my trip to Bologna using the same ticket.
I was successful to do the same when I visited Milano. But for Torino-Milano ticket, the valid range is shorter only 6 hour. I dropped in Novara for 2 hours and continue to Milano using the next train.
Using this way, you can save a litle than buy multiple tickets, for example I bought ticket for direct Torino-Genova with 8.20 euro and when I buy Torino-Alessandria and Alessandria-Genova it costs 9.10 euro.

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Salute da Genova

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Genova (or Genoa) is the last direction of my trip on June 16, 2007. The distance is only 2 hours by train from Torino. I arrived there in Piazza Principe station around 12.30. At that time, I only have an A4 paper of map that contains the location that I have to visit. It is not clear. Just following my feeling that I turned left from the station gate and walk .. walk .. Genoa is a city located in the beach with moutaineous area. 'Browsing' Genoa is like climbing a small mountain, go up .. go down ..


My first destination is absolutely the see. From anyparts of the city, there are many signs of the direction that you have to go. So quite easy to find. The beach is nice with many attaction inside. You can visit big aquarium or see an anciet type of Europe battle ship. The most beautiful part is in ancient port with big 'bigo', big glass ball contains plants 'la bolla', and you can walk through a long dock.


Genoa is not offering only his beach view beauty. In the downtown, there are many places that old, amazing, and nice. For example, the cathedral which has brick (marble) colour is black and white, like zebra. Near there, also you can see the big gate (with two big big cylindrical wall) as the landmark of Genova city. Walking in the downtown is also interesting. The space between the buiding is very narrow, so it is look like 'snake' or 'mouse' street.

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Nice place to 'settle down'

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Alessandria is a part of my trip to Genova. It was June 16, 2007. The distance from Torino is only one hour by (regional) train. Different from other cities in Italy that I visited until now, the downtown of Alessandria is not near station. I have to carefully look at the map to find it. Actually it was also possible by bus, but I did not want to do it. Although it is not near, to find the downtown is not difficult.


Alessandria is a small and silent city although it is known as the capital of Alessandria province. It was nice since when take a picture you will not get disturb by car for example. Not like in Milano that I almost be hit by tram when I took picture of Garibaldi statue. If you use regular way, you will find a market near the station. Next, you walk and you will find the cathedral of Alessandria. It is named as St. Peter (Pedro in Italy). The church has a tall tower that you can see it from all area in the city. The church is quite big with neo-classical style on it. Inside the church, there are some 'corpus' of blessed people.
Around 100 meter from the church, you can find the downtown in via Garibaldi where consists of very big parks and old buildings. The builidng with big clock is quite old and becomes landmark of this city, instead of the cathedral. There are many others churches and piazza or palazzo in this city, for example piazza della republika, church of Belssed marry. This city has many old people population probably more than the young ones. At that time, I spent 3 hours here, and I think I already visited all places that I have to visit in this city.

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The Sanctuary of Maria Ausiliatrice


This is one of the oldest church in Torino and also quite famous, probably after Torino Duomo (catedral) and Basilica di Superga. This was built in 1865 by Prince Arnedeo di Savoia. This church has very beautiful painting of cupola (half ball roof on the center of the church). The main cupola, as this church has 2 copulas, has a diameter of 19 meters.


There are two big bell towers in the front of the church with angel statue above it. The right one represents Gabriel offers crown to Maria while the left one is Michele brings a flag written 'Lepanto'. This church is a holy place for Torino because the relief of Saint Ottavio, martyr and patron of Torino city is placed here.

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

.. shopping .. shopping ..

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is world's oldest shopping mall. Built in 1865 till 1867 designed by Giuseppe Mengoni, the mall has 4 floors with fresco and mosaic style. It is a cross shape arcade mall, connecting piazza del duomo and piazza della scala. The arcade was covered by glass and at the center there is a cupola (kind of half ball roof) also made from glass. This place is the place for finding luxurious things such as food, drink, cloths, bag, and so on with very very high quality (and expensive). Famous branded !!!


The galleria becomes a landmark of Milan. As it is also located beside the Duomo di Milano (another famous place for tourism), it is not strange if this place is very crowded. Happy people with smile, shooping, laughing. It just has a sad story since Mengoni, the designer, was died also in this place, falled down from the scaffolding, while adding the finishing touches. Mmm, I am not so sure, but the largest and biggest shop in this area is McDonald which sell a fast food. The price is little higher but the most important is finally we can find clean restroom!!!

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