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It is common for us, the traveller, to think about how to stay a country with correct and legal visa. As Thailand is a very beautiful county with nice people there, sometimes we want to stay longer. So, this tip could be useful for you.
For foreign people, usually, they will get 30 days visa for free. You don't require to process a Thai visa from your original country. But for sure, please check the website of Thai immigration first. If you get 30 days visa it means that you can stay in Thai for 30 days only.
Going around, shopping, travelling .. bla bla .. och! my visa is almost finish, how to extend it? I'm not finish my adventure here? don't worry!, there are two ways to entend it, first by formal legal way: you go to immigration office and ask for the extension. Absolutely, you have to pay for it. Last time I went there and asked how much that I have to pay. Expensive! 100 to 150 baht per day !!! So, I suggest to use the 2nd legal way, go to other countries near Thailand. There are two countries that usually travellers go, first is Lao and second is Cambodia. For this purpose, actually you can use many travel agencies in Thai that offer this service or even you can go by yourself. I have plenty of experinces with 4 times of visa renewal.

For the first renewal, I went to Lao by myself. So, I applied visa to Lao embassy which was around 200 baht (actually depend on how long that you able to wait until the visa finish. Faster is more expensive). I used economic train to go Lao from Bangkok station Don Muang (in front of Don Muang airport) which was very cheap. It took almost 10 hours before you arrived in Nong Khai (Thailand area near the border). After this, you can decide wheter you want to go using bus to Lao or again by youseft. If you want to go by bus, you can ask 'tuc tuc' driver (usually they wait the passanger in front of the station) to go to the bus station. There is air condition public bus service from Nong Khai to Vientine (capital city of Lao). If not, ask the driver to go directly to the border, called as friendship bridge. Both are same, at the border gate you have to get down from your bus to process your visa. You can make an arrival visa and enter Lao in very short time. After all 'bearucrazy' is finish, you can get in again to your bus or you can go by mini bus that usually offer to enter Lao with cheaper price (only for crossing the bridge). Between Lao and Thai, they are separated by a bridge called as Friendship bridge built by Australian. After entering Lao, you can do whatever you want. or even you can directly back to Thai by processing new visa on arrival ^^. I think it is a good idea to see how silent Lao is. Near bordergate of Lao, there is a bus station which you can wait the bus go back to Thailand (Nong Khai) or continue your journey to Vientine. So, another 30 days visa with very cheap price.


The second destination way is Cambodia. The way how to do is really similar. Go to border and ask for the visa. Different from Lao, the border areas that you can visit are quite alot. Usually it is depend on the travell agency that you choose. Most commont, they will go to Poi Pet. But, all are almost same that it takes around one day to go and back again to Bangkok.

As comparison:
when you ask extension for 30 days in immigration office, you will spend around 3000 baht. But by the travellers way, you can only spent max 500 baht (economic way by economic train, terrible mini bus, tuc tuc', and so on .. ha ha ha) and around 1000 baht using the economic traveller agency (including small mini van car which is quite confortable) also around 1500-2000 baht using exclusive confortable bus by excellent expensive travel agency. So, many ways to Roma and also many ways to extend our visa in Thailand.
So, happy travelling in Thai.

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Basilica di Superga


It was on May 12, 2007 that I have a chance to visit, probably, the most interesting church in Torino: Basilica di Superga.
Basilica di Superga is a unique place. It is located on the top of the hill, so you can look at it easily from the city of Torino. Basilica di Superga or just say Superga is a rather mistical chuch and becoming more famous because of 1949 accident. The airplane which carried the best ever soccer team of FC Torino (known as Grande Torino = the Great Torino) was crashed the church and killed all of the players including official team and reporters. At that moment, it was the best soccer team in Italian with 5 straight winning of serie A (Italian soccer competition). You can still see some parts of the broken building which was not repaired (I think) due to memorize this tragedy.


It was believed that Superga was built as a promise of king Vittoro if he able to beat France in a war near Torino and get back Torino from France. At the end, king Vittoro was truly able to do it and he kept his promise to built a church on the top of the mountain (near Sassi). Unfortunately, it was not enough space there, then he asked people to throw away all of that stone and make it a wide flat-area until it was enough to built a church. The place where people thrown the stones called as Sassi (means stone).
There is a stair that you can go up till half of duomo. I paid 3 euro for it. From this point, you can see all parts of Torino and if you are lucky, you can get the whole picture of alpen mountain line. To go here, you can use bus which regularly come ever hour. So, you can use your travel ticket or bus ticket. Otherwise, you can use special train called Superga Rack Railway. The ticket around 6 euro for 2 ways and 3 euro for one way. The price ticket will be different during saturday, sunday and holiday.

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Monte dei Cappuccini


The Monte dei Cappuccini is one of Turin's landmarks. From the 11th century onwards the Mount was a forification (known as bastita) to defend the cith, and thus was the scene of attacks and sieges. Since mediaeval times a church has stood on the summit of the Mount in honour of the Virgin Mary. It is in ore-baroque style. In front of the church you can see the big cross and virgin marry statue beside it. Inside the church, so many magnificent ornamental relief. The old tabernacle inside there is made in 1638 by German guy.


This church is full of history of Torino city. The central part of the church, which is paved in stone from Barge, leads to two sides chapels. The one on the right (from the entrance) offers Carlo di Castellamonte's marble decoration. The pattern is tried to be duplicated in the left chapel. Above the altar, there is portray of the Madonna holding out the Infant to St. Francis, in the presence of St. Lawrence. It is not original because the original one is kept in the Savoy Gallery. Below the St. Maurice altar table rest the remains of Beatified Ignatius of Santhia, who lived on the Mount for many years.
The main building of Monte dei Cappuccini is devided into two, one is becoming church and the other one is a museum, owned by italian alpen club, namely Museo Nazionale della Montagna.
From here, you can see all of the city of Torino in winter or fall season. Not in the spring or summer, which the trees will block your view with its leaves.

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Stupinigi is a small town located in the south part of Torino. It can be reached by bus number 41. There is a UNESCO herritage there, called as Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi. From the story, it is know as the place for high rank Savoy family during deer hunting. Inside the palazzina, it's full of ornament made by venecia people. At the back of the house there is a national natural park which long time ago used by the family for their hobby hunting. This park is very big but no more deer anymore. Unfortunately, the palazzina will not open until December 2008 due to renovation


The downtown of Stupinigi is not in this palazzina. It is around 500 meter where actually new residence area. So, there was nothing there.

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Old city Bologna

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I give that title to Bologna because I can see many old buildings there. Almost a prehistoric city. Old church, old building, old statue, and so on.
I visited Bologna on April 28, 2007 by cheap train from Torino. It costs only 11 euro, so totally 22 euro for go and back. Bologna train station is one of the most crowded station in Italy, thanks to its position which is in the center of Italy. There was a bloody tragedy in 1980, when the bom blown in the station. When you came the waiting room of the station, you will see 'cracked stone' monument with all of the names of the people who died.
Near the station, you can see an old and big park. Unique style of Bologna is that there is always 'portico' (elegant and extensive arcades) when you walk. So, don't worry about sun shine, wet rain, or snow. The downtown of Bologna is Piazza Nettuno (Plaza of Neptune). In there you can find a basilica of San Petronio which is one of the biggest church in the world. Unfortunately, when I visited there i could not bring my camera. Also, it was forbidden to bring your bag, I don't know why?


Near that place, you can see the symbol of Bologna. The two towers, quite funny because the height is not same, one is taller than the other. Bologna university is known as the 2nd oldest university in the world. Almost all faculties were available there.


Spread in the city, you can find many old churches with very old ornament. Full painted or beautiful relief. Bologna also has a church called as San Luca which located on the top of the hill. Again with 'portico' when you climb (walk) to that that church.

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