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European style in Malaysia

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Malaka is the last destination of one day trip in Sept 24, 2005. It is quite long distance to visit this place from Kuala Lumpur (KL). Even, when we went there, We were almost getting lost as we used private car and passed many silent streets. Probably not the correct way, but finally we arrived there.


Malaka is a part of Malaysia where it was collonized by many european coutries, such as Pertugal, Dutch, British, and also Japan in 2nd world war. That is the reason why so many ancient european style building are in here. The nice place is the hill that you can see the beach. Before that, you can find many old buildings, such as: Satdhuys building as the residence place of european people when they collonized this place. When you go up to the top of the hill, you will find the Franciscus Xaverius church. From the tale story, during missionary works in Malaysia including Indonesia, Saint Franciscus Xaverius stayed in this church. Unfortunately, this church is heavily destroyed. It remains only the stone floor and some part of the church wall. Some written stones were there with story inside.

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Building .. building .. and building

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It does not mean that I regard this place. Putrajaya is a new goverment complex built during Mahatir's dynasti and it consists many big buildings with modern style. This place is also one of the proposed tourist site by many travel agencies in Kuala Lumpur. In my opinion, please think for a while, more and more..


There is a small lake or may be river near the big mosque in Putrajaya. They also offer small bout if you want to going around on the water. There was a silly story about the water there. At first, there should be no water there, then they create a small lake in the construction and put water by cut the river. Many people have been suffered due to this and they became lack of water. Anyway, out of that story, it shows that Malay goverment is really want to create something new that can be attact many people to come. You can see many artistic bridges surround this 'sintetic' city.

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Twin tower Petronas

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What is the most interesting thing in Kuala Lumpur? for me is just to have a picture in front of Kuala Lumpur (KL) Petronas tower. It is because this twin tower is wellknown as worldwide famous KL symbol. It has 452 meter tall.


KL tower is actually consists of a shopping mall and office. The first tower is used by Petronas while the second is rented to other companies, such as Boing, IBM, Microsoft, and so on. At the bottom part, there is Suria KLCC shopping mall that you can buy the most prestigious things in Malaysia here. Don't ask me about the price which will be, I think, very expensive. Outside, there is a small park that you can take a rest, enjoy the day, or having a small exercise or sport. To get here, it is very easy, because KL is already connected by underground subway and monorail system. You can also (probably) have a chance to go up but there is a schedule for it.

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Wat Arun

Beautiful temple complex in Bangkok

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Wat Arun or temple of the dawn is a temple complex in Bangkok beside the river of Chao Phraya. This is the most famous and beautiful temple complex among others in Bangkok. In Thailand, to show how 'big' and how 'great' of the king, they usually built many temples. Fortunately for us, the location of temple complex is near each other. From Wat Pho or king palace, you just need to across the river which is quite very cheap and not spend so much time.

wat arun.JPG

Wat Arus has many beautiful temples which managed well. During the Buddha ceremony or Buddha religious days, this place will be very crowded. Chao Phraya river itself is one of Bangkok symbol. Many activities are still using this river. When the king celebrated his birthday, the ceremony is held in this river. Beautiful boats from local and other countries are there to give a remark on his birthday. As Thailand people very respect to their king, don't ask me how crowded the river will be at that time.

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Wat Pho

Sleeping Buddha statue

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One of the interesting temple in Bangkok is Wat Pho. It is located near the grand palace or I can say that it is still in one complex area although you have to walk little bit to reach this place from the grand palace. The main thing here is the big big statue with yellow metal colour of Buddha with rest position. People said that it is a one of yoga position. You can go around to the statue where they put many boxs for praying purpose. Some thing like this, there is a place that you can change your baht money with some special coints. You will receive many coins and you put it one by one during your walk surround the statue. For believe, they did it with praying or saying something. My friend told me that it is a place that you can ask somethings to Buddha.


This place is the oldest and the largest 'wat' in Bangkok where many temples and Buddha statues are in here. You can believe that this is the place of the beginning of Thai massage. Surround the area is also very nice. Imagine, see everything with full of temple and Buddha statue. Really like in the different world.


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