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Night potrait of Thailand tourism

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I think everybody knows very well about this place. Or at least, ever heard about the name of Pataya, famous beach in Thailand. In my opinion, frankly speaking, the beach itself is not so beautiful. In my opinion, Indonesian beach is more beautiful and clean than Pataya. But, don't even argue about the facility for tourism. It is very complete. The motor boat, tend, accomodation, bar, massage, ..everything there. This is probably what Pataya offers to us. It was also nice that I arrived there in the evening where I can know the night life of Pataya.


They build many buildings and malls beside the beach. One of the famous is Ripley's believe it or not where you can find many stranges things there. I am not sure whether it is still there or not. At night, the street beside the beach is closed and very crowded of foreign tourisms who want to spend their night in the bars, restaurant, and see the beach as Pataya has many docs.

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Buddha picture in Chonburi

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It was May 2, 2005 that I have joined Indonesian community in AIT having tour to Pataya. After visiting the maritim museum in Burapha university and chinese three kingdom palace, we stoped the place where there is a big picture of Buddha. They created that picture on the slope of Kau Si Jan hill. From the story that I heard, first they make an almost flat slope by crushing the stone of the small hill. Then, by laser, they created the picture schetch and finalized by giving 'gold'-like metal on it. So, it will create a drawing-line similar to cartoon. I am not sure whether it is really gold metal or not, as I know it mixed between some metals.


In front of the hill, you can enjoy the big park where you can take a rest or make some picture with the background of buddha.

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Phitsanulok city is located in the northern part of Thailand but still quite far from Chiang Mai. It is the capital of Phitsanulok provice. It was a part of Thailand which is famous due to the best management for the solid waste treatment. Actually, I came there because of that. Although it is a capital of the province, Phitsanulok is very silent but the people are very nice. There is Nan river which separates the city into two parts. This river, mostly in the night, becomes rather crowded as many tourisms or people get together for having dinner or just to visit to view the night of the river. When I visited there, I still found some people who stayed and lived on the bout.


The main view of this city is Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat, known locally simply as Wat Yai (the big temple). This is old (built on 1357) and very big temple, beautiful budha temple. There are also some other temples, spread around the city, and some museums which some belong to private, such us bird museum collection, Buddha statue museum, historical museum of daily life.

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A transit city


I give it that subtitle because, frankly speaking, I have no opinion if I have to stay here, in this city. Oke, nice and calm, but too silent and I am not a retired man who has to stay alone, ha ha ha .. Sure, if you like to stay or visit becautiful calm place, this place is exactly perfect for you. Actully I did not spend the night time in the downtown of the city which probably more crowded area. Again, it is just my imagination.


There is a bautiful river across Gongju area which you can spend the whole day for cruising it. Probably, the most 'interesting' view is the temple and tomb located in the Gongju park. In here, you can go insite the 'underground' tomb or take some pictures in front of the temples (??) there.
Oke, for me, a transit city .. :_D

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Place to visit in southern part of Korea

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It was 26-28 June 2003.


Gyeongju is located in the south-east part of Korea peninsula. This probably the recommended place to go when you visit to south-east part of Korea. This place is rich of Korea cultural and artifacts from very ancient time, such as neolitic age, bronze age, and beginning of iron age, as this place is old Silla capital kingdom. Silla is a part of trilogy kingdoms story of Korea history. To find the complete information, you can visit the Gyeongju National museum. There are also some small original-like 'stupa's and big bell from that periode.


How about tasting the original tea of Gyeongju? Yap, this region also has a special traditional tea ceremony. 15 minutes just for drinking a cup of tea! for me, it will be less than 1 minute and one more minute for another 2-3 cups more. ke ke ..
Also still in this region, there is Buddha temple, Bulguksa means land of happiness. It is a temple complex with some pagoda and old buiding, also small river flows there. Silent and nice.

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