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City of 'Hyundai'

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Do you know 'hyundai'? A giant corporation from South Korea. Hyundai is one of the top company in Korea besides LG, KIA, and Samsung. And Ulsan is where hyundai company is. As the basis of Hyundai corp., sometimes this city is called as hyundai city. It is an industrial city and some other bigs company are there also, for example SK petroleum refinery plant, polimer, and so on. I have a chance to enter the Hyundai heavy industries and when you entered it you have to be guided. Many large ships being built in the dry docks. Hyndai ship is one of the topmost ship building industries in the world with around, it said, around 60 produced big ships per year.


Near Hyundai, there is an oil refinery, SK Corporation, which is the first oil refining company of Korea and has led the general energy and chemical industry in Korea. They also produced some basic chemical for polimer industry, such as propilen. The refined oil and products are exported to China. Do you believe that if all the pipelines are put together end-to-end then the entire length of pipelines will be able to reach the moon. That the officer said.

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This could be my first city outsite Seoul that I visited since I arrived in Korea on Feb 2003. Suncheon is a city located in the southest part of Korea. Similar to Busan, Suncheon is a port city. Not so large and so crowded as Busan, but still quite nice. There is a small folk village there which has name Naganeupseong Folk Village. Also, some of UNESCO herritage for the old stone from 1st century. Frankly speaking, I don't know the difference between that stone and the other big stones that usually I found, ha ha ha .. And yap, don't forget to taste the fresh sea food. Very delicious.


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