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Lago Maggiore

Maggiore lake

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This is the second largest lake in Italy after Garda lake. I have a chance to visit this lake exactly in december 25th, 2007. At that time, this lake is very silent probably due to christmas day. However, this lake is quite big and becoming the border between Piemonte and Lombardi region of Italy.


To go to this lake, it is not difficult. The best point to go is the city of Stressa which near to the islands in the middle of the lake. There are three islands 'flood' above this lake: Madre, Bella, and Brissago. In these islands, you can see the garden which also consist of many houses and building. Actually, nearby the maggiore lake, there are other beautiful lakes, smaller than maggiore.

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Have you ever visited country area in Italy? Probably yes, or you have already a experience staying there. If not, the country site near Alpens mountains could be the best choice to look at or to find how beautiful the scene is. One of the city that I have chanced to visit is Vogogna.
To reach Vogogna, you can use train go to the direction of Novara or Milano. From there, you can go also by train to the direction of Domodosolla, the end of the route. And Vogognya is located around 20 minutes before Domodosolla. Vogogna is the tipical city which is very silent, beautiful, and very fresh. Instead of natural side, this city also offers a historical site which quite old, the castle of vogogna and La Roca (castle on the mountain).


Vogogna is devided into two parts. The fist part of the city is located on the hill and another is in the lower part not in the mountain. The hilly part is quite very old, where the wall of the house and also the roof are made from the stone. But not many people live there mostly they stay in the lower part which connected to the main roads to the milano or novara or domodosolla. But, the buildings are very antique. Near the upper part, there is La Roca which is the castle built in 1000th.


As the city is very quite don't hope you will find a cinema here. Just only 2 bars near the old part of the city. In the christmas, the have a short tradition to mimic the life of Arabs at the periode of Jesus Christ. This tradition is held after the christmas mass at night of 24th december when you walk to the castle of vogogna from the main church.

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Something about Basilica di San Pietro

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There are some strories that probably you did not know about this famous Catholic church, Basilica di San Pietro in Vatican city. For you that already came here, ofcourse, you will understand completely. The basilica is located in the city of vatican which you can reach by subway train (metropolitana) line A and stop in Octaviano-basilica di san pietro. From there, you can walk passing the street of via Octaviano. It is recommended to come here in the early morning, why? first, to avoid long queing and second, if you are a Catholic and you want to join the morning mass, the mass will be started at 7 am. When I saw the queing from the cupola of the church, it was very very long, like a snake.


Before entering the church, they will screen you for sureing that you did not bring any dangerous things such as knive. It is allowed to use camera and handphone. There will be 3 gates that you can chose: (1) go to church (2) go to the cave below the church where they burried the popes (3) go up to the cupola. Don;t be confuse, you can go to other gates if you finish one part by come back to the main entrance easily. As I was so curious about the church, first, I chose the main gate to go inside the church. Just after entering the church, you can see the statue made by Michelangelo 'a pieta' of Jesus and Mother Mary. The church is very big but the good think is the interior inside is very good. It is different from other big chuches such as duomo di Milano or notre dame di strasbourg, where there is no relief inside the church. In this chruch, the interior is rich and amazing. You will see many pope statue and some place where saints reliefs are placed. You can pray there also. The main view is in the 'altar' san pietro.
The second gate will direct you to the grave of the popes. That is just where the body of popes placed. The newest is corpus of Pope John Paulo 2 (giovanni paolo 2). Not difficult to find it. There will be many people pray infront of that so, directly you can guess that is the grave for him.


The third gate will alow you to go up to the cupola. Yeach, as it is very high for you who have problem with heart or health is forbidden. Different from the previous, in this case you have to pay 5 euro if you want to go up by walking and 7 euro by lift. Using lift is only 3/4 way, the remaining 1/4 way is not reachable by lift means that you have to use your legs to do it ^^. They way is not so much different from other churches. Circle stair, small, and stiff. If you are luck, you can go up and get the view of Rome from the top of cupola without mist, see the piazza (square) di san pietro. When you go down, you will have chance to walk above the roof of the chuch until the area behind the pack statues (Jesus and His followers). It is very nice to have the picture of that, he he ..
Instead of these gate, you can also go to the museum, but it is not in the same part with the church. Also, although you have to pay don;t hope that eh queue will be short. Very very long .. so so .. up to you now!

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Andato a Roma

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Dalla notte di mercoledi a sabato, sono andato a Roma per fare un nuovo passaporto. Sono partito dalla stazione di Porta Nuova alle 8 pm poi arrivato alla stazione di Milano Centrale alle 11 pm. Con il treno di notte, ho continuato il viaggio a Roma. In treno , non ho fatto nulla, solo dormento.


Sono arrivato alla stazione dei Termini alle 7 am poi ho cercato per trovare la mia ambasciata. Dopo la rifinitura per fare il nuovo passaporto, sono andato al centro della citta'. Roma e' molto bella e ci sono molti posti turistici, per esempio il colosseo, la citta' dell vaticano, tribuna del romano. In fine, ho getto la moneta nella Fonte di Trevi. Nella matina di sabato, sono ritornato al Torino con il treno di inter-city.

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the floating land

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I feel it is like a magic. Stay in the island surrounded by water and sea with exotic views, buildings, churches, tower. Very beautiful. The city of venezia is quite far especially if you start from western part of Italy, such as Torino. It took around 6 hours by regional train but can be shorter if you use inter-city train or high speed train, such as alta velocita. But it is worthed to come here.


Arrieved at san lucia station, you will be directly served a water panoramic view. To go around, you can use boat, gondola, or just walking. Oke, do like this, first use the boat to go to the piazza di san marco which is the center of the city. The prize boat is 6 euro for one time trip. It will be more expensive for one day ticket. Don't be surprize with the crowded of the piazza san marco. You will see a lot of people with pigeons everywhere. In this square, there is the catedral of venezia which you can go inside for free. The catedral is really nice, the sytle is quite different from others among italian churches. But for sure, the queing is very long, be patien for that. The square is quite big, surround with old black building and cafes. Don't ask the price of the food or drink, it will be quite expensive^^. Near the squire, behind the church, there is a place to jail people who did some criminals. They place if near the square in order to make easier if those people should be killed in the squre. The building and the square is connected by a small bridge to give a chance to see the view of venezia for the last time.


Don't forget to try the gondola. If you think that is too expensive to rent a gondola for your self, you can try gondola just for moving peole from one island to another which is only 2.5 euro (if i am not wrong). That is just across a river and used by venezian people for transportation.
Some places are also nice, such as ponte di vecchio which sell original-venezian ascessoris. Near there, there is a traditional marker that you can buy presents with cheaper price. Oke, having a cup of cappucino is recommended to feel and breath the weather of venezia. 3 euro is expensive but acceptable for that..

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